Family Plots

Click on the name of the Burial Ground to see photos from that location. Click on any photo to open the gallery in a slideshow.

Adams Family Plot

Applegarth Family Plot

Arthur’s Seat

Bestpitch Farm

Bibby Family Plot

Bloodsworth Family Plot

Bradford/Wingate Family Plot

Breerwood Family Plot

Butler’s Beach

Cain-Copping Family Plot


Cowart Family Plot

Dixon Family Plot

Dorchester County Public Library

Dorchester Country Club

Edgar Family Plot

Edgar Farm Burial Plot

Eldorado Burial Ground

Esgate Stone

Fooks Mill Burial Plot

Foxwell Family Burial Ground

Gootee Family Burial Ground

Hayward Family Plot

Hayward Stone

Henry’s Crossroads

Holland’s Crossroads

Holland Stone

Hooper’s Island Store

Indiantown Burial Plot

Johnson Family Burial Ground

Kennedy Family Plot

Lewis Family Plot

Maiden Branch Road

Meredith Family Plot

Pig Neck Road

Pritchett Family Plot

Pritchett Family Stones

Ragged Point Road

Rippons Family Burial Ground

Rhodes Family Plot

Richardson Family Burial Ground

Robinson Family Plot

Seward Family Plot

Spedden Family Burial Ground

Todd Family Plot

Todd Stone

Tyler Family Plot

Vienna Graveyard

Webster Family Burial Ground

Wheatley Family Plot

Wilson Family Plot

Wright’s Wharf Burial Plot

Wrotten Family Plot


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