Gravesite Map

This webmap documents the locations of burial sites found in Dorchester County, Maryland between June 10th and November 30th, 2015. This map includes single tombstones, small family plots, large or public cemeteries, and church yards.

Hovering over a point will give you the name of the site and clicking on it will give you the option to go to that locations photo page. Please remember I haven’t had a chance to load all of my photos so some points will not have these links available just yet.

Additionally, you have the option of showing or hiding the sea level model for the year 2100 by clicking on the visible layers tab. You can also show which graves will be lost or at risk with the sea level rise in the future.

The theme chosen for this is watercolor paint. I chose this because it gives the map a “historic” feel and the points are easy to see. Additionally it helps preserve the privacy of the land owners who were gracious enough to allow me onto their property to take the pictures and gps coordinates.

I am looking for feedback on the map. If you find any broken or incorrect links please let me know! Send your comments to

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