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If you have information regarding where you believe there is a “lost” cemetery or family plot or if you own property in the county and would allow us to come and take pictures and GPS readings of the grave site please email us at dorchestergraves@gmail.com.



19 thoughts on “~ Contact ~

    • While we were not looking for specific names or families over the course of this project, there is a site called the Pritchett Family Plot and a also a small community cemetery near Pritchett’s Store in Bishops Head. They may be a good place to start your search.


  1. There is also a graveyard located to the left (from Race Street) behind the Open Bible Church and School. This is to the left and behind of the ballpark


  2. There are graves located at Shoal Creek (near the Sewage Pumping Station) on the right hand side of the road nearest to the water. These were moved from the left hand side of Shoal Creek Manor when the pumping station was created.

    Also, there is one lone grave behind the Fitze home on French Farm Road in East New Market. This grave is located behind the barn on the shores of Indian Creek. It was the grave of the slave handler for the French Family in the early to mid 1800s.

    Also, there are graves within the Hyatt property that were located behind the old ballpark. Looking at the old State Hospital map sites, you would be able to locate the road and the ballpark. It is to the left after you cross the second bridge entering into the now Hyatt property.


  3. Yes, I do agree there is a lot of Cemetery’s in Dorchester County that are undocumented. There are a lot in the Wingate, Toddville, Crocheron, Bishops Head, Crapo and Andrews area that need to be found and cleaned up… I would like to help ( with health permitting and low income also).


      • Yes, I do hope so. The Church in Crocheron, Md., called Bethany United Methodist Church, the cemetery on the right needs to be cleaned up also. But I don’t know who to get in touch with to do so..


  4. there are a lot of old graves in the weeds and woods on the right side of the road…….forgotton about at greenlawn cemetery……also there is an infant buried in the yard at a home in church reek my grandfather bill Metcalf buried her when they lived there


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