Welcome to the Heart of the Chesapeake!

If you would like to see the news story on this Project produced by WBOC
in June of this year please click on the link below.

Dorchester Graves in the News

Dorchester County is the largest county on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. It has a long, storied past that includes many notable figures and even some strange tales. Historically residents have made their livings either as watermen or through agriculture. Founded in the 1600’s there is literally centuries of history and culture to be found here.

DSCF1505         DSCF1933

Having always had a passion for history, an interest in photography, and probably an unusual love for graveyards, it was my relatively new found interest in geography that really sealed the deal. While counting down the days to graduation from Salisbury University with my degree in geography, it occurred to me that I finally had the knowledge and skills necessary to undertake a project I have always wanted to attempt: To locate and  map as many of the burial grounds in the county as possible. This website is a chronicle of that endeavor.

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4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Heart of the Chesapeake!

  1. Graveyards can teach us a lot about the sociology of the eastern shore as it pertains to health; age; demographics; even sometimes social economic status. Good luck in your photo journalistic research!


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