2 thoughts on “Greenlawn Cemetery

  1. Who may I contact about some graves that I can’t find that should be buried in this cemetery?
    John Robert Hughes died as infant B July 20, 1933 D October 28 1933
    My grandfather William Guy Steele Burton B August 22, 1882 D December 13, 1947 he was in the Cambridge Fire Dept. As the Foreman Hook & Ladder and was named the Electrical Wizard in Cambridge, MD for doing electrical acts. He also hung the Christmas Lights at Christmas time


  2. My grandfather,William Slacum born 11/21/1848 was buried in Steels Neck Burying ground. I can’t find any information about where it is or if it still exists. I believe it would be in Vienna. He died in 1922. He had a farm in Vienna but had sold it and lived in Cambridge at Hambrooks Boulevard at the time of his death. I think a son named Solenous is buried there too.


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